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ssp seal pot

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SSP Seal Pot
Seal Pot
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SSP Seal Pot
Seal Pot
Size range 1/4 Inch to 1/2 Inch
Pressures range 6,000 psi
Material 316ss to Super Alloys

SEAL POT 6,000 psi [Pn 408] Rated
* Robust HIGH pressure design
* DESIGNED to be maintained
* NON-Rotating tip as standard
* Hard TIP for effective shut-off and life
* Low operating torque
* Anti-Tamper bonnet as standard
* Smooth 6 turns from OPEN to CLOSE
* Back sealing on the stem
* 316 ss to NACE Specification
* Mounting Holes as standard
* Adjustable gland packing NS Head
* Full material traceability
* Stem Seal below actuating threads to prevent
. contamination and gauling of threads
* Metal/Metal bonnet seal for pressure tightness
A Single Vent Valve Seal Pot of 50 c.c. Capacity for use in the System Manifold series of valves. Vent valve is Anti-Tamper style
with the Key supplied separately for safety but can be supplied with standard head. Panel Mounting holes are provided as standard.

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